Radiodetection 100-54-0150 AG-200 GPS Kit for LMX150 FINDAR or LMX200

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Add an external GPS to your LMX150™ FINDAR® or LMX200™ and enable MapView and SplitView functionality and accurate GPS tagging of data for use in other GIS software or mapping in Google Earth™.


Part # 100-54-0150

GNSS Receiver AG-200

The AG-200 from Trimble was specially developed for applications that require high satellite availability. For this reason, they offer maximum accuracy, repeatability and reliability for any application. The AG-200 works with free corrections signals WASS or EGNOS. Since the receiver also receives Galileo satellite signals in addition to GPS and GLONASS, this further increase the satellite availability.

Müller-Elektronik GmbH – GNSS Spec Sheet*
*Specifications are subject to change without notice, specification sheet provided by the Müller-Elektronik GmbH.

Müller-Elektronik GmbH – GNSS Receiver AG-200

Radiodetection LMX150 FINDAR – Accessories Brochure

Radiodetection LMX200 – Accessories Brochure


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