Skydio X10

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Built in the U.S.

You’ve never seen like this before.

The best sensors for a drone this small, piloted by the most advanced AI in the sky. To get the data you need, wherever and whenever you need it.


Visionary cameras to get the job done.

Packing more megapixels and better optics than any drone its size, Skydio X10 boasts high-resolution visual and radiometric cameras in modular sensor packages. So you can capture the right details for your job.

The right sensors for your mission.

A drone designed for first responders, infrastructure operators, and the US and allied militaries around the world. It has the sensors to capture every detail of the data that matters and the AI-powered autonomy to put those sensors wherever they are needed. It packs more capability and versatility in a smaller and easier-to-use package than has ever existed.

Onboard AI.
Off-the-charts capability.

Fly without limits or learning curves, with a drone that recognizes its surroundings, captures data automatically, and gets smarter over time. Backed by an onboard NVIDIA Jetson Orin GPU, the X10 harnesses unrivaled computing power to make the right decisions in real-time. Six custom-designed navigation lenses provide 360-degree visibility, eliminating blind spots so you can fly fearlessly in any environment.


  • 45 mph Max Flight Speed

  • 40 min Max Flight Time

  • <40 sec Deployment Time

  • IP55 Certified against Dust and Water


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