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Whether your job is indoors or outdoors, the automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision® HV302 Horizontal / Vertical Laser is the most rugged laser available, tough enough to handle a wide variety of horizontal, vertical and plumb applications in both interior and exterior projects. A split beam enables plumb point transfer and 90 degree layout. Even in brightly lit interior conditions, the high visibility beam of the HV302 delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance, enabling you to work faster and smarter.

The Spectra Precision HL450 is a durable, versatile laser receiver for exterior leveling and aligning applications.


Spectra Precision HV302 Horizontal / Vertical Laser

  • Multipurpose Construction Laser for Interior or Exterior
  • Rugged 3’ Drop Rating
  • Grade Match with HL760 Receiver
  • Energy efficient design offers long battery life
  • PlaneLok for automatically locking onto existing elevation
  • 5 Year Warranty

Additional Features:

  1. C45 Clamp
  2. Alkaline Batteries

Spectra Precision HL450 Receiver Sensor

  • Digital Readout of Elevation allows faster readings by displaying the exact numerical distance from grade, eliminating the need to move the receiver to get to “on-grade”.
  • Anti-Strobe Sensor stops construction strobe lights from setting off the receiver and eliminates phantom strikes for easier identification of true laser beam signals.
  • Large reception height allows faster readings by acquiring the beam quickly, and makes it easier to stay in the beam.
  • Durable in tough environments with 5 foot drop rating.

Spectra Precision HV302 Data Sheet

Spectra Precision HV302-HV302G User Guide

Spectra Precision HL450 User Guide

Spectra Precision Interior Productivity Tools Brochure 2016

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs


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