Teledyne ISCO 5800 Refrigerated Sampler

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The ISCO 5800 Refrigerated Sampler is Isco’s answer to the rigorous demands of water monitoring, with user-friendly controls and task accommodating features. Along with easy control and on-site programmability, it also has a unique slide-out bottle rack to easily access sample containers.



The controller actively regulates and displays the sample compartment temperature and logs a 24-hour summary to confirm proper sample cooling. The temperature record is downloadable using a basic utility program, such as Tera Term, or data can be viewed on the unit display.


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5800 Sampler Brochure

5800 Refrigerated Sampler Datasheet

5800 Refrigerated Sampler Pocket Guide

5800 Refrigerated Sampler User Manual

5800 Refrigerated Sampler Pump Heater Installation Guide

USB Driver Installation for 5800 Sampler Guide

5800 – 4700 Sampler Multipurpose Cable Instruction Sheet

5800 Cap – Relay Instruction Sheet

5800 Control Panel Replacement Instruction Sheet

5800 Power Supply Replacement Instruction Sheet

5800 Pressurized Sampling Instruction Sheet

5800 Protection Plate Kit Instruction Sheet

5800 Pump Module Replacement Instruction Sheet

5800 Refrigerated Sampler Temperature Sensor Cable Instruction Sheet

5800 Sampler 115V Refrigeration Module Instruction Sheet

5800 Sampler 230V Refrigeration Module Instruction Sheet

TDY Environmental Product Guide (2017)

Sampler Selection Guide (2014)

Sampler Source Book (2014)


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