Teledyne ISCO 6700 Series Portable Samplers

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Isco’s 6700 Series Portable Samplers have set the industry standard, providing the most comprehensive and durable performance available. With the introduction of the new 6712, Isco takes another step toward the ultimate by including SDI-12 interface capabilities.


Teledyne ISCO 6700 Series Portable Samplers
  • Full-size and compact models available with multiple bottle configurations and types.

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Isco 6712 Full-size Portable Sampler Datasheet

6712 Portable Sampler Pocket Guide

6712 Portable Sampler User Manual

TDY Environmental Product Guide (2017)

Sampler Selection Guide (2014)

Sampler Source Book

Remote Programming of the 6712 Avalanche Sampling Using a Tablet or Smartphone Application Note

6712 Sampler Monitoring of Blue-Green Algae in Lake Winnebago Case Study

6712 Sampler Remote Industrial Wastewater Monitoring Case Study

Isco Stormwater Monitoring Guide


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