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Teledyne RD Instruments ChannelMaster H-ADCP

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The compact, flexible, and affordable ChannelMaster is a horizontally-oriented Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (H-ADCP) designed to collect high-accuracy water velocity, stage, and discharge data for a wide array of applications.





Teledyne RD Instruments ChannelMaster H-ADCP
  • By leveraging Teledyne RDI’s BroadBand technology, ChannelMaster allows you to obtain unmatched data quality, even in low velocities and complex flows, where a single cell cannot provide enough information.
  • The ChannelMaster’s innovative design includes everything you need to collect high-quality data. The standard unit comes equipped with temperature, pressure, pitch and roll sensors, and a vertical beam.
  • Three models and ranges available:
    1. CM1200, 1200 Khz, 1 – 25 meters
    2. CM600, 600 Khz, 2 – 90 meters
    3. CM300, 300 Khz, 4 – 300 meters


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