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Trimble Business Center is the complete field to finish software for surveyors and construction professionals.

Trimble Business Center’s field-to-finish survey CAD software helps surveyors deliver high-accuracy GNSS data, create CAD deliverables, and leverage full data traceability throughout a project’s lifecycle.

With the TBC Monitoring module, survey and construction professionals can create comprehensive monitoring deliverables from any survey data such as GNSS, total station, level, and scanning.


Each Trimble® Business Center (TBC) Edition is designed to support a set of related workflows:

  • Viewer (Unlicensed): Import + review field data, view projects, + export to Trimble field devices + software.
  • Field Data Edition: Export third-party field data, perform basic CAD functions, complete data quality control, + work with level data.
  • Surface Modeling Edition: Basic point cloud management, create + edit surfaces + alignments, cut/fill maps, + earthwork reports.
  • Survey Intermediate Edition: GNSS post-processing, network + traverse adjustments, site calibrations; work with background images, labels, + dimensions.
  • Survey Advanced Edition: Work with Trimble Vision™ data, create plan sets, process cadastral data, leverage full COGO + corridor routines.
  • Site Modeling Edition: Convert + elevate 2D geometry into 3D for field operations; cleanup project data.
  • Site Construction Edition: Compute site mass haul + site takeoff computations, linear quantities, layer depths, + material volumes.
  • Infrastructure Construction Edition: Parametric intersection, interchange, + ramp designs with corridor mass haul quantities + volumes.

Each Trimble® Business Center (TBC) Module is designed to support a group of workflows around a single topic. The modules are add-ons to an edition.

  • Aerial Photogrammetry Module: Process + create deliverables with Trimble + third-party UAS data in TBC + UASMaster.
  • ANZ Toolbox: Use a variety of commands that support 12d Model and Australian Asset Design and As Constructed (ADAC) workflows.
  • Drilling Piling Dynamic Compaction Module: Create drill plans + reports for Trimble DPS900™ Machine Control Systems.
  • GIS Module: Seamlessly integrate GIS data from Trimble Access™ + TerraSync™ software into TBC + connect to external GIS databases.
  • Mobile Mapping Module: Process, register, + manage MX9 Mobile Mapping data; work with MX hardware calibrations.
  • MM MX9 Laser Correction Module: Account + adjust for multiple-time around (MTA) laser effects in the MX9 Mobile Mapping hardware.
  • Monitoring Module: Define movement alarms, visualize displacements in 3D, and create monitoring reports from any survey data.
  • Scanning Module: Register + colorize SX10™ + X7™ data; classify regions, extract features, + create deliverables from SX10™, X7™, + 3rd party point clouds.
  • Tunneling Module: Create + edit tunnel models for Trimble Access™ Tunnels + create customized as-built + geometry reports.
  • Utility Modeling Module: Generate + visualize gravity, pressurized, + other utility runs in parametrical constrained trenches.

It’s time to put software licensing on your terms.

With the new subscription-based licensing plans for Trimble Business Center software, we’re putting you at the center of it all. With lower upfront costs, access to more capabilities, the latest software updates, and visibility into usage, scale your license with your needs.

Subscription choice

Offerings positioned to suit your workflows. Upgrades available to expand as you need.

Latest Releases

Your license is always current so you can utilize the latest enhancements and updates.

Flexible Terms

Buy annually, then upgrade, add seats or opt out at any time.

Online License Management

Assign users and generate usage reports to optimize your licenses.

Trimble ID-Based

Each TBC user has their own Trimble ID, each Trimble ID has its own TBC seat.

Cloud Hosting

Take your TBC license wherever you go – online or offline – no need to connect to a license server or plug in a dongle.

Trimble Business Center Office Software – Technical Notes

Feature Matrix – v5.40 Editions and Modules


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