Trimble Water – Telog PR-32A/32iA

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The Telog PR-32A and Telog PR-32iA are versatile instruments intended to monitor water system pressures or water levels (e.g. underground aquifers, surface reservoirs or water tower levels). When you combine the Telog PR-32A series with a Trimble software option, you have a powerful system of wireless water infrastructure monitoring that is consistently delivering real-time data from the field straight to your desktop. Imagine…all your data on one platform straight to your computer screen.

Price Range from: $2195.00 (includes recording terminal unit, 4G LTE cellular modem, IP67 enclosure, internal battery and digital pressure sensor).


Water System Pressure and Level Monitoring with Optional Transient Capture Waveform.


  • Water system pressure monitoring
  • Water level monitoring
  • Tank level monitoring
  • High speed sampling to 256 samples/second
  • Improve asset performance, reduce leakage and pipeline failures
  • Monitor and optimize water and site operations and compliance
  • Real-time situational awareness of overflows and high/low level events
  • Battery operated
  • Wireless communication via cellular (LTE)
  • Alarm notification
  • Time stamped events
  • Sensor installs in 2” wells
  • Automatic barometric pressure correction
  • Integral antenna
  • User programmable
  • IP68 Rating

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Trimble Telog PR-32A/PR-32iA Data Sheet

Trimble Telog PR-32A/PR-32iA Applications:

Wireless Aquifer Level Monitoring

Wireless Reservoir Level Monitoring

Wireless Tank Level Monitoring


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