Trimble X12

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Accessibly high-end 3D laser scanning system with superior speed, accuracy, range, and incredible image clarity.

The Trimble® X12 scanning system unites the best of both worlds with industry-leading hardware and Trimble’s powerful, ultra-efficient Trimble Perspective software for guaranteed peak performance.

No more complicated workflows. No complex registration process. No compromises in accuracy, speed, range, or imaging.


High-end Laser Scanning

  • Accessible – reduces complexities normally associated with high-end scanning with unparalleled ease of use
  • Productive – improves business efficiencies by offering the best scanner and software available to collect superior scan data and imagery faster than ever
  • Dependable – top notch performance and technological advancements gives the confidence that you are getting the job done right.


Laser Scanning Software

  • Trimble Perspective – with the intuitive powerful Trimble Perspective™ software achieve unparalleled performance with precise data capture
  • Trimble RealWorks – provides a complete solution to efficiently register, analyze, model, and create deliverables using data from virtually any source
  • Trimble Business Center – work with scan data using the TBC Scanning Module and use automated tools for classification, feature extraction, and CAD deliverables


Enhance your perspective. With the Trimble X12 scanning system unparalleled ease of use, increased efficiency, exceptional quality of point clouds and imagery, are now more accessible than ever.

High Resolution, Accurate Point Cloud Data

  • Scan up to an astonishing 2.18 million points per second with a range of 365 meters
  • Range noise of 0.2mm and density of 0.6mm at 10 meters


Quick, Flexible Point Cloud Capture

  • Full dome scans as fast as 23 seconds, complemented with the ability to quickly and efficiently scan areas of interest at high quality settings
  • A minimum scan range of 0.3 meters, allowing you to capture more detail in tight spaces


Sharp, Clean Image Acquisition

  • Experience breathtaking colorization of your point cloud data with parallax free images
  • Smart light, LED spotlights of 700 lumens improve image acquisition in poor light conditions and even completely dark environments


Unparalleled Ease of Use

  • Automatic in-field registration, refinement, reports, and exports with Trimble Perspective on the T10x tablet
  • Comprehensive and user friendly OnBoard interface



  • Topographic/General Surveys
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Industrial Survey
  • Forensics
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Digital Twin
  • Tank Calibration and Inspection
  • Shipbuilding Surveys

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