YellowScan Mapper

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The next generation of integrated UAV LiDAR solution

Discover our next-generation of integrated UAV LiDAR solution.

With Livox technology, YellowScan sets new standards for UAV LiDAR mapping.


New YellowScan Mapper is our Livox-based UAV LiDAR system.

YellowScan Mapper
is next generation of integrated lidar solution.

It’s low weight, mid-range capability, top-end point density and advanced accuracy and precision, makes it the best value for money in our portfolio.

It is dedicated to UAV borne mapping applications.


Key benefits

  • High Point Density
  • Compact
  • Advanced Point Cloud Precision

UAV Integrations

  • Multirotor Drones
  • Helicopter Drones
  • Fixed-wings

YellowScan Mapper Data Sheet

Professional Services


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