SignalFire Telemetry, Inc., a Massachusetts-based company, recently signed on Frontier Precision, Inc. to represent its reliable, cloud-based wireless RANGER telemetry products and cloud interface across the U.S.

SignalFire Telemetry

The RANGER can be connected to existing sensors with analog or digital outputs for monitoring parameters such as pressure, water quality, water level, flow, and temperatures.

In a recent conversation with our experienced water resources application specialist, Steve Combe, I asked why he thinks our clients will be excited to use the SignalFire wireless platform. Steve’s immediate response, “There are two major benefits offered by SignalFire: the SignalFire platform can solve many remote monitoring problems since most any type of new or existing sensor can be connected to the SignalFire RANGER node. The second reason is that SignalFire offers both a license-free, 900 MHz spread-spectrum radio platform as well as a cellular transmitter.” A radio-modem gateway gathers the radio telemetered data and pushes it to the cloud using a single cellular transmitter. “An example application would be an irrigation district could use the SignalFire platform to monitor reservoir levels, rainfall, aquifer levels, open channel flow or full pipe-flow, all with different makes and models of sensors.

You can also do simple control like turning on a pump based on measured water level or pressure. Water managers can benefit from getting text alarms on thresholds that are exceed and obtain pdf reports or MS Excel compatible data files that are automatically e-mailed to their inbox on a daily or weekly basis.”

Steve also commented, “having a 900 MHz radio node at each measurement site reduces telemetry costs as the data from dozens of remote sites can be collected and sent to a single Ranger900 cellular gateway station which is designed with both 900MHz and cellular transmitter in one package. The customer saves on overall cellular and data hosting costs.”

“Best of all there is no cellular or cloud hosting fees the first year”, Steve continues.  “The customer can get started for about $1,000/remote station and pay nothing else until the second year.  After that a 3-year plan is very economically priced with unlimited users per account.”

Steve also pointed out how user-friendly the entire system is but especially the SignalFire Cloud web application.  “You can use the cloud application to do remote configuration and setup of the RANGER nodes. Alarms can be configured and reported by SMS, email, or web viewer.  The dashboard makes it easy to see all data at a glance.”

If you would like to talk with Steve about your specific monitoring needs, please email  or call (801) 791-3407.  You can test drive a system at no charge today!

About Steve Combe

Steve has a B.S. in Fisheries and Watershed Sciences from Utah State University. He has 33-years of experience with hydro-meteorological, and field data collection instrumentation. Steve’s responsibilities at Frontier Precision include: instrument sales, support, installation, system integration and training for water level, water quality, flow measurement, and sampling instrumentation. His knowledge covers the spectrum of field to office data workflows.

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SignalFire RANGER  is an IoT (internet of things) cellular transmitter using the latest LTE CAT M1 technology.  The SignalFire RANGER transmitter is sensor agnostic, connects quickly and easily, and provides power to even the most remote sensor — all without the effort and cost of trenching or cabling.

Key Features

  • LTE CAT M1 / NB-IoT connectivity optimized for low data usage
  • MQTT / SparkPlugB built in for any MQTT-ready host
  • Integrated inputs/output for multi-sensors
  • Class I Division 2 Certified for hazardous locations
  • Data location from built-in GPS
  • SignalFire Cloud monitoring/alarming service
  • Configurable MQTT broker & TLS security
  • Powers sensors from battery or external solar
  • Certified by Verizon


SignalFire Pressure RANGER includes an integrated pressure sensor and features a built-in GPS receiver that reports location of devices to the cloud, providing a map of all connected assets.

Key Features

  • LTE CAT M1 connectivity to cloud services
  • Integrated pressure sensor
  • Data location from built-in GPS
  • SignalFire cloud monitoring/alarming service
  • Low power sensor allows rapid data collection and report on exemption
  • Reports max, min, average and instantaneous pressure
  • 1/2″ NPT process connection standard
  • Available in standard pressure ranges


SignalFire Cloud Video – The RANGER comes complete with the web and mobile friendly SignalFire Cloud interface to monitor, trend and get alarms either by text or email.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-Use feature rich web application
  • Remote configuration and setup of RANGER
  • Remote firmware upgrade of RANGER
  • Works with most web browsers, no software to install
  • Secured TLS/SSL User Authenticated sessions
  • Unlimited users per account
  • Configurable alarms reported by SMS, Email & web viewer
  • Configurable & Automated reports by email
  • Measurements assignable to widgets & charts
  • Configurable user access privileges

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