NEW!  Sync Data Through Google Drive or Dropbox


Windows ULV makes data management even easier with the option to sync data through Google Drive or Dropbox.

After field data is collected, data can still be synced wirelessly to a network location (if supported by your IT) or by using a USB drive. But now data can also be synced using freely available cloud storage services.  This should be a useful option for many customers who:

  • Find it challenging to sync data using USB drives from multiple tablets each time spraying is done
  • Can’t sync data wirelessly to a network location, either because they don’t have wireless networking available, or their IT department will not allow it
  • Would like to be able to sync data over the Internet from any Wi-fi hotspot without having to return to the office to do so

Some configuration is required.  The ULV Office software has settings for which storage service to use, and the access token or key file to gain access.  Instructions on obtaining the necessary access token or key file are found in the User Guide, or you can contact mosquito software support for assistance.

After the storage service is configured, do a new Extract GeoPackage in the office software and sync the old-fashioned way one time, then the option will be enabled for the mobile software as well.  If you are connected to the Internet when you do a Sync, the software will sync to Drive or Dropbox.

We’re very hopeful this option makes data management much easier for some of our customers.

What Data is Synced?

  • When field data is collected and synced from the mobile software, the data will be uploaded to Drive or Dropbox.
  • The desktop Processing Agent will automatically check Drive or Dropbox for new mobile data, download, and process it.
  • When ULV Office extracts a new GeoPackage, they are automatically uploaded to the storage service. Mobile Sync will detect the new GeoPackage and download it to the tablet.
  • ULV Office can also upload an MBtiles basemap to the service for remote updates in the field. Mobile Sync will detect the new MBTiles basemap and download it to the tablet.

Quality Improvements

The login screen now shows more details, including the program version, the last database sync, the last basemap sync, and where it’s going to sync data to and from.

Various other additional issues and minor enhancements have been incorporated – see the release notes for more details.

A Note About uBlox GNSS Drivers and Windows Updates

Recent Windows updates have caused problems with GPS for some of our customers.  See this Support Note for more details about the issue and how to fix it.  Please contact mosquito software support for help if you need it.


How to Get the New Version

To make support updates and the delivery of new features easier for us and for you, we built auto-update into both the ULV Office and ULV Mobile software.  If you already have the software installed, simply Check for Updates.

If you are interested in seeing a demo or purchasing the software, Contact us today for information and pricing.  Upgrade pricing is available for existing Sentinel GIS, FieldSeeker, and DataMaster users through December 2019.  Your purchase comes with one year of included software maintenance, so you’ll receive updates as they are made available through the auto-update feature.  We have lots of exciting things planned so don’t miss out!

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