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What’s New in Windows ULV

What’s New in Windows ULV

NEW!  Sync Data Through Google Drive or Dropbox   Windows ULV makes data management even easier with the option to sync data through Google Drive or Dropbox. After field data is collected, data can still be synced wirelessly to a network location (if supported by...

What’s New in Sentinel® GIS for Mosquito Control Software

Sentinel GIS for Mosquito Control software — What’s New. Read about new changes to benefit users of the Frontier Precision Sentinel GIS mosquito control software updates. The Juniper Systems Mesa 2 Rugged Windows 10 Tablet is a sound investment with benefits now, and benefits later. New NPDES log reports for Larviciding treatments have been added. Sentinel is now Esri ArcGIS 10.6 ready. The Service Request application has been modified to support MySQL making it easier to use WordPress. New software updates and technical support resources are available.

GNSS Status Utility

GNSS Status is a software utility that allows the configuration of Trimble R1 and R2 GNSS receivers, as well as providing GNSS status information to the user. Videos: GNSS Status Utility Overview How to setup VRS Corrections Bluetooth R1/R2 to iOS device Bluetooth...