Cygnus Thickness Gauge Integration

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Underwater ROV Add-Ons

Cygnus industry-leading ultrasonic thickness gauge can be integrated onto your Deep Trekker ROV, allowing you to evaluate the thickness of steel on tanks, hulls or other metal surfaces without needing dive intervention or draining the asset.


Cygnus Thickness Gauge | Non-destructive Testing Tool, the Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Probe

  • Mountable on ROVs and Utility Crawlers
  • Reads through 12MM of Marine Growth
  • 0.1 MM Accuracy in Seconds

This ultrasonic thickness (UT) probe presses on the surface, taking an accurate measurement even through marine growth or coatings. The data is then displayed and recorded via Cygnus software on a laptop.

The probe is able to take readings through up to 1/2″ or 12MM of soft marine growth or coatings to take a reading of the steel. This is a great tool for corrosion surveys for UWILDs on FPSOs or Vessels, as well as for steel tanks and pipes and other surfaces.

Available in 3 Different Probe Sizes:

  1. 2.25 MHz Probe
  2. 3.5 MHz Probe
  3. 5.0 MHz Probe

Cygnus Thickness Gauge Specs:

6.299″ x 2.441″ (160 MM x 62 MM)

7.0 – 30 V DC @ 150 mA (Max)

19.4 OZ. (550 G)

PC or Laptop with VGA (Not Included)

Tested to 1,500 FT (500 M) Depth

0.005″ (0.1 MM) when Calibrated in Accordance with Cygnus Instruments Calibration Procedures

RINA Type Approved

Sound Velocities Between 1000 M/S and 9995 M/S

Designed for EN 15317

0.002″ (0.05 MM)

RoHS, WEEE Compliant

RS-422, Simplex Single Pair, 2400 Baud

Operating Temp:
14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C)

Measurement Range in Steel:
0.110″ – 9.995″ (3 MM – 250 MM) with 2.25 MHz Probe
0.065″ – 6.000″ (2 MM – 150 MM) with 3.5 MHz Probe
0.045″ – 4.000″ (1 MM – 50 MM) with 5.0 MHz Probe


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