Laser Scaler | DTG3

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Underwater ROV Add-Ons
Give your video reports context by being able to estimate sizes of pits, cracks, fish and more by comparing to the 1″ (25MM) distance between laser sights. Sometimes understanding how large objects are underwater can be challenging. Add the laser scaler to provide a reference when looking at objects.


Determine Objects Width with the DTG3 Laser Scaler

When taking still photographs, the laser scaler adds extra value to your reports. Customers using the ROV for tank or other structural inspections can use this scale to measure the crack, corrosion or defect, giving more useful information to their clients. Compare this measurement to future photographs to measure changes over time.

Dual Laser Mounts

Two laser sights mounted just above the DTG3 camera head, placing two laser dots on objects that you are perpendicular to.

25 MM Apart

These dots are 25 MM apart, allowing you to compare this distance to objects underwater.

Tracking with Camera

The laser scaler tracks wherever the camera head swings, so wherever you are on the 270 degree rotation, you will be able to estimate the size of your target.



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