DT640 Pressure Washer Attachment by Deep Trekker™

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Utility Crawler Add-Ons

Want to use your magnetic crawler to clean off debris and marine growth? Use the pressure washer to clear areas to allow for proper inspection.


Pressure Washer Kit for Cleaning Marine Growth and Debris from Hulls, Pipes and Cargo Holds


  • Up to 4,000 PSI Capable
  • 12″ to 49″ (310 to 1,000 MM) Nozzle Width
  • Compatible with 0.5″ (12 MM) Hose
  • Stainless Steel

Change the direction of the spray for optimal cleaning with the integrated arch kit. The arch can raise and lower the head 20 degrees as well as rotate the head 20 degrees. Choose between three different sizes of kits, the 310 MM, 500 MM and 1,000 MM.

The wider options will cover more area but reduce pressure output per nozzle. This 500 MM option is the balance of power and coverage area between the 310 MM and 1,000 MM options. Connect a 0.5″ hose to the pressure washer head and into your pressure washer unit.

This assembly does not come included with the hose or pressure washer pump unit from topside. The head supports up to a 4000 PSI pressure washer unit.


Available in 3 Different Nozzle Sizes:


  1. 3 Nozzle 310 MM
  2. 5 Nozzle 500 MM
  3. 9 Nozzle 1,000 MM


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