Elevated Pan Tilt Camera – DT640

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Utility Crawler Add-Ons

Get a better view of your work with your DT640 from the Elevated Pan Tilt Camera. Toggle to a view from this robotically adjustable camera to see your project from afar, above where your forward-facing attachments such as the vacuum head kit or thickness gauge are mounted.


Elevated Pan and Tilt Camera with LED Floodlights for Getting Wider Vantage Point of Where your Crawler is During Operations


  • Low-light Specialist 0.001 LUX
  • 360° Pan
  • 270° Tilt
  • 1,000 Lumen LED
  • Modular Add-on

Get a better vantage point of your tank cleaning progress, hull cleaning or inspection by toggling to a view from above your crawler.

The DT640 comes standard with one camera located on the crawler facing forward, this view can become obstructed by attachments like the vacuum head or the pressure washer.

This camera option allows you to switch camera views as well as pan and tilt the camera from the controller. This camera head also has four LED floodlights to help provide better lighting for your inspection or cleaning project.


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