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Underwater ROV Add-Ons

Waterlinked DVL provides estimated velocity relative to the seafloor using acoustic waves from four transducers. In combination with Deep Trekker BRIDGE sensor technology, greatly improve the ability to determine speed, heading as well as automated station holding.


Doppler Velocity Log ROV Attachment for Stabilization and Autonomy

  • 0.05 – 50 M Altitude
  • Precise USBL Position
  • Station Keeping
  • Better Navigation in Current
  • Auto Altitude Holding Mode

Mounted to the bottom of the REVOLUTION ROV, the Waterlinked DVL provides not only calculates the ROV’s altitude (depth from bottom) but it also receives real time data of estimated speed and heading.

Combined with Deep Trekker BRIDGE sensor technology, the DVL provides more accurate and precise positioning and station holding – even in current.


DVL for Search and Recovery Missions

During a search and recovery mission, the DVL will help maintain an optimal altitude for the imaging sonar, such as 15 M above with the sonar on a 15 degree angle downward.

Position/Station Holding with DVL

A DVL also is used to help hold position, say when performing an inspection and wanting to hold against current, or when using a manipulator or laser scanner where it is easier to be dead steady.

Automatic Altitude Hold

Use a DVL on the ROV to help stay on course in current, maintain an altitude above the sea floor. This is important for benthic surveys to get a clear picture without crashing into the bottom and stirring up sediment, making the survey more difficult.



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