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Underwater ROV Add-Ons
Need to get a close up on a target in a tight space or without maneuvering your ROV toward it? With the high definition, auto focus Zoom Camera, REVOLUTION operators can zoom in to inspect with greater detail or look at things from far away. This 18x optical zoom camera is ideal for inspection scenarios, including for inspection of cracks in cooling tanks, surveys of vegetation on the seafloor and more!


  • Full 1080p HD Camera
  • Rotates 260 Degrees
  • 18 Times Optical Zoom
Available on the REVOLUTION ROV, the Zoom Camera provides users with a reliable way to view details up close or zoom in to look at objects from far away. The Zoom Camera replaces either the Grabber or Sonar block, allowing operators to toggle to the camera on their handheld controller. Photograph and record detailed images for further examination and documentation.


REVOLUTION Zoom Camera Specs:

Optical Zoom: 18X, 4.7 to 84.6 MM (F1.6 to F2.7)
Zoom Speed: 4S
Digital Zoom: 12x (Max 240x)
Focus: Auto/Manual/One-time Auto-focus
Video Output: Digital Signal (Y/Cb/Cr 4:2:2 via LVDS)
Video: UHD 4K – 3840X2160 | 720p – 1280×720 (30FPS 0.0 Lux)
Camera Swing: 260°
Picture: JPG 8mp
Weight: 286 G
Dimensions: 87.5 MM x 50 MM x 60 MM
Operating Temperature: (-10°C ~ +60°C/20 to 80RH)


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