Toolless Ballast Kit – DTG3

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Underwater ROV Add-Ons

Save time when ballasting your DTG3 to be neutrally buoyant with the quick weight change system. Adjusting weight helps change your ROV’s buoyancy in water, whether you want to be slightly heavy for retrievals, slightly positive for pipe inspections or neutral for most applications. Make the changes on the fly rather than using any tools.


Set your DTG3 to Neutral Buoyancy with the Toolless Ballast Kit

The Toolless Ballast Kit can be added to any DTG3 or DTG2 ROV, it installs on the top and bottom of the ROV. The quick weight change system uses a cover plate over steel pellets. The pellets are added and subtracted to adjust the weight of the ROV.

New orders with the latest Grabbers allow for top and bottom mounted attachments to mount with the toolless ballast kit. If adding the kit to an existing DTG3 or DTG2 that has other attachments, contact us to see if they can fit on with those attachments.


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