Flybotix ASIO Drone

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The complete confined space inspection solution.
Designed specifically for indoor inspection, the ASIO drone is equipped with advanced sensors and cameras that allow it to navigate and inspect even the most complex environments.


Enhance Efficiency, Detect Flaws, and Prioritize Safety

With its compact size and agile maneuverability, it can access tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, reducing the need for human intervention and minimizing the risk of accidents.

  • 24 minute flight time
  • High Intensity Oblique Lighting
  • Pilot assist features
  • Collision proof cage
  • 4K + Thermal (IR) camera
  • Low noise – 80dB

Powerful post-processing software for inspection data management, analysis and reporting.

3D Scaling, Localization & Measurement

      • Rich POI Management
      • 3D Map Scaling
      • Distance Measurement & POI Localization

Synchronization at its Finest

      • Video & 3D Map Synchronization (Drone Trajectory Localization)
      • Multi-points on Map Measurements

Thermal Monitoring

      • Real Temperature Monitoring
      • Thermal Zone of Interest
      • Max, Min & Spot Temperatures

  1. Counter-Rotating, Dual Blade Propulsion technology that provides industry leading 24 minute flight time.
  2. Collision proof cage: protective design, light weight, advanced material and easy to replace.
  3. High intensity oblique lighting improving vision & data capture in dark and dusty environments.
  4. 360° infrared, optical sensors and control algorithms to enhance inspection data capture. Unmatched stability in all types of GPS-denied environments.
  5. Dual 4K and Radiometric IR Cameras with 180° unobstructed vertical FOV.
  6. Smart Battery integrates management technology, optimizing power delivery and extending flight times for seamless and efficient operation.

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