HyQuest Solutions America CFX Cable Fox

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The HyQuest Solutions America CFX Cable Fox is the latest towing system for deployment of an ADCP or radar device for manual discharge measurement on a cableway.



HyQuest Solutions America CFX Cable Fox

Thanks to the powerful motorization and the cable hoist provided, the Cable Fox can position the measuring instrument at fixed measuring points across the stream cross-section or use the ‘moving boat’ method for ADCP measurements with the variable speed control feature.

Cableways fitted with the Cable Fox do not need a permanently installed motor as the Cable Fox has an onboard DC powered motor.

The large range of the remote control (up to 400 m) allows operation even at very wide stream cross-sections.

Key Features:

  • Variable Traversing Speed
  • Models for Various Main Cable Diameters
  • Hoist Attachment to Adjust Tether Line to Raise and Lower ADCP Trimaran/Board
  • Encoder for Distance Measurement Across the Stream Section
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Frequency Band: License-free ISM Band
  • Auto retrieval feature brings the carriage back to the user/river bank, if the radio connection breaks. (Except for EU models.)
  • CE-compliant (All Models.)

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CFX Cable Fox Brochure

CFX Cable Fox Manual


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