Schonstedt GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator

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The Schonstedt GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator is one of Schonstedt’s most popular magnetic detectors due to its affordable price and high level of accuracy. It can detect ferrous objects buried as deep as 18 feet, without detecting false signals from non-ferrous objects such as brass, aluminum, copper, water, and ice.


  • Detects deeply buried iron and steel objects 
  • High-sensitivity HeliFlux sensors 
  • Sensitivity levels: 5
  • Audio alert
  • No response to aluminum, brass, or copper
  • Modular construction; high-performance components
  • Battery life up to 40 hours
  • 7-year manufacturer warranty

High-Sensitivity Sensor for Maximum Accuracy
Like most Schonstedt detectors, the GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator uses the patented HeliFlux sensor known for its stability and excellent sensitivity that enables it to detect ferrous objects in extreme depths. The GA-52Cx can detect septic tanks up to 4ft, manhole covers up to 10ft, a 55-gallon drum up to 10ft, and even well casings up to 18ft. Magnets enclosed in plastic can also be detected at depths of up to 10ft or more. The device emits audio signals to alert you of the target’s presence and position. Because of its reliable performance, the GA-52Cx Locator is also used by military and local and state police departments to detect buried ordnance and discarded weapons.  

Simple Design for Easy Operation
Another reason for the GA-52Cx Locator’s popularity among surveyors is the incredibly easy operation. It has only two controls – one for turning it on and off and setting the sensitivity, and the other for adjusting the volume. Both controls are located on the underside of the cover to provide easy access during use and to protect it from damage. Unlike competing detectors with few levels of sensitivity, the GA-52Cx has 5 sensitivity levels that make it the best in the market in detecting smaller objects at greater depth.  

Tough Build for Rough Environments
Designed to be used in any setting, the GA-52Cx has a rugged, modular all-solid-state build with a durable aluminum housing. Its 34.5-inches long stick is waterproof, making it safe to use even in flood or under heavy snow as long as the electronics are kept dry.  

When it comes down to affordability, accuracy, and user-friendliness, the Schonstedt GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator is hard to beat. It also comes with a 7-year warranty – a guarantee that this detector is a wise investment that will get you the results you need for years to come. 

Schonstedt GA-72cd and GA-52Cx Brochure

Schonstedt GA-52Cx Manual

Schonstedt GA-52Cx Parts Diagram


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