Trimble R4sLE GNSS Receiver

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Trimble Forensics GNSS – the only solution with a lightweight pole-mounted GNSS receiver so you can capture, collect, and examine your data with ease.


Trimble Forensics GNSS solution is designed exclusively to enhance and improve the way forensics data collection works. It combines the Trimble T10 tablet or TDC600 and MobileMapper 60 handhelds, Trimble Forensics Capture software, and the Trimble R4sLE GNSS receiver to give reconstruction specialists an unparalleled level of accuracy and efficiency.


  • Trimble® Forensics Capture supports GNSS based workflows.
  • Designed to specifically work with the Trimble R4sLE receiver, or any R-series receivers.
  • Built-in ground scaling and local coordinate system for every scene. No need for
    site calibrations.
  • GNSS and SX10 or total station integrated surveying workflows.
  • All collected data is stored within the same Capture file, regardless of using GNSS or total stations or SX10.
  • Trimble R4sLE is waterproof, impact resistant and rated for –40 °C to +65 °C. Extremes in temperature are not a problem.

Trimble R4s LE GNSS Receiver User Guide


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