Imagenex 852 | Scanning Sonar

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Underwater ROV Add-Ons

Adds the ability to navigate in low visibility and identify large structures in murky water up to 50 meters away. Murky water or large open bodies of water can present unique challenges for navigating underwater ROVs. Use a sea wall or vessel as a reference on your sonar screen to maintain your orientation or as the object to navigate towards.


Imagenex 852 Single Beam Mechanical Scanning Sonar

  • 360-degree Scanning
  • Great for Navigation
  • 50 M Range

The small device sits on top of the DTG3 or on the revolving head of the REVOLUTION ROV. Sending out a single acoustic beam in a 360 degree pattern.

The beam’s reflection is calculating on return by the device combined with the software. As it scans, the software paints a 2D image of these reflections.

The visual cannot be used for inspections or surveys themselves, but can assist in giving you a visual reference of how far you are from large solid structures.



Sweeping Sonar for Search and Rescue

This Sonar helps search and recovery teams or inspection operations either by allowing you to see where a large structure like a sea wall is relative to you, or by seeing a centrally placed search target is in relation to you (some customers place a dog cag on a rope to mark the middle of a search area for a sonar to identify).



Mechanical Sonar for Pipes and Tunnels

For submerged pipes or tunnels, you can mount the Imagenex 852 mechanical sweeping sonar to the back of your REVOLUTION ROV and use it to see the ovality and sedimentation levels of the pipe while you drive down the middle of the pipe.




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