Senceive Vibrating Wire Sensor Node

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The Senceive Vibrating Wire Sensor interface range brings a wide variety of vibrating wire sensors into our systems. It is a highly integrated system which is capable of exciting and sampling vibrating wire sensors and reporting measurements through Senceive’s wireless communications network to a Gateway.


Cost Effective Asset Monitoring with Senceive’s Innovative Sensor Range

Senceive’s wireless platforms address the monitoring needs of Rail, Construction, Utilities and Cities as well as Mining asset users with its innovative and easy to use, long lasting wireless solution which interfaces to a wide range of geo-technical and structural sensors.

Furthermore, it can utilize highly resilient wireless communications through mains power free/solar cellular backhaul or flexible and resilient sub surface industrial monitoring hubs and gateways. It also provides easy to use data visualization tools of its own through our own visualization software or can be linked to the customer’s own specific software.


Examples of the sensors supported:

  • Piezometers
  • Strain Gauges
  • Load & Pressure Cells
  • In Place Inclinometers
  • External Temperature
  • Extensometers
  • Tiltmeters
  • Crack Gauges
  • Soil Moisture Sensors

Key Benefits

  • High performance, easy to connect multichannel connectors
  • Waterproof, robust connectors for simple installation
  • Resolution of 0.001 Hz and repeatability of ±0.02 Hz
  • Integrated long life battery
  • 12-15 years’ battery life, including when acting as a relay node within the mesh communications network
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Waterproof to IP66 / IP67 / IP68
  • Firmware is remotely upgradeable over the air via the gateway reducing costly site visits

FlatMesh Vibrating Wire Sensor Node Data Sheet

GeoWAN Vibrating Wire Sensor Node Data Sheet


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