Teledyne ISCO Glacier® Composite Sampler

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Isco’s Glacier® Sampler combines the small size, light weight, and mobility of a portable with an exclusive active temperature control system. Its revolutionary design gives you the best of all worlds: easy transport, quick setup, and accurate sample preservation – without reliance on ice or utility power!


Glacier can be powered by 12V DC or AC line voltage. In the field, Glacier delivers 48 hours or more of refrigeration from a 12 volt deep cycle battery. Its power-saving cooling system stands by until the first sample is drawn. Glacier can wait patiently for days or weeks to collect event-triggered samples, and then preserve them until a convenient pickup time.


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Glacier Portable Refrigerated Sampler Datasheet

Glacier Refrigerated Sampler User Manual

Glacier Trasnportable Sampler Pocket Guide

Isco Stormwater Monitoring Guide

TDY Environmental Product Guide (2017)

Sampler Selection Guide (2014)

Sampler Source Book


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